I am trying to get the value returned from getpixel and mov it into a text buffer, how would I move a value like (00AA80FFh) into the buffer, I want to move the value as it is (AA80FF) how can I do this?
Posted on 2000-12-05 16:21:00 by moxy
well, i think what you are meaning, you get the value returned from GetPixel in the eax register. You cannot set this directly as a text string, as it is in a binary format. To convert you can call the funcion in the MASM32.LIB file, dw2hex. It is described in the masmlib.hlp file.
Posted on 2000-12-05 17:03:00 by ...rugby...
worked great thanks :)
Posted on 2000-12-05 17:07:00 by moxy