I posted this in the tasm section as well, but any help (even in masm) would be good. I want to cycle through all the open window title names (the names that appear in the CTRL+ALT+DEL menu) and check for other strings. I tried using FindWindow and FindWindowEx, but I could not get it to work with a wildcard * . I tried GetTopWindow and GetNextWindow but could not get it to work either. Someone suggested using CreateToolhelp32Snapshot, Process32First and Process32Next, but I don't see a window handle value in the data structure for that. There is an EnumWindows, but I don't know how to use a callback function EnumWindowsProc, or pass its address
Posted on 2000-12-05 20:39:00 by KJ
Hello, For that, you should look in the Icz' Site in Source code section: http://members.nbci.com/_XMCM/winasm/source.html You'll find a prog called Window Viewer 1.0.1 written by Comrade. It enumerates all the windows visibled and unvisibled. (Its a good proG) Have fun Vom-bonjour:-()
Posted on 2000-12-06 07:42:00 by Vom-bonjour:-()
I have already looked at that code actually. Though I don't understand masm that well, from the looks of it it calls GetDesktopWindow, then uses GetWindow with the starting window handle being the desktop window. I tried it, but get a message box that is blank when I try to message myself the GetWindowTextA of any window handle from GetWindow. Maybe I should push 5h for child instead of 5? or 2h for hwndNEXT instead of 2? I don't know
Posted on 2000-12-06 16:08:00 by KJ
Hello, I don't know what the problem is but in Asm, 5 is the same as 5h and 2=2h because in hexa until 9 (=9h), it's the same as is dec. But after 9, 10dec=0Ahex Vom-bonjour:-()
Posted on 2000-12-06 16:49:00 by Vom-bonjour:-()