who i can add my prog to righ-button-menu ?. I know that i must add some keys in the registry ... any1 can help? some info, tut, etc .. Thx ..
Posted on 2000-12-06 19:14:00 by unknow
In explorer, if you highlight a folder and right click on it, you will see some additional items in the popup menu (usually). The registry keys for these items can be found under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/Directory/shell. Take a look there and you'll see the format used for item keys and you'll notice the "command" key holding the program path. Use "RegCreateKeyEx" in your program to create these keys.
Posted on 2000-12-06 22:54:00 by vReal
If you want some examples about using the Registry API, you can go and visit my Homepage at : http://www.vombonjour.fr.st You can download 2 progs which use it: -Reg -ArretZindows (it's on Icz'homepage) Vom-bonjour:-()
Posted on 2000-12-08 08:07:00 by Vom-bonjour:-()