I'd like to play with the floppy disk controller under Win95. The info I have talks about hooking INT 6, but doesn't Windows try to cover that stuff up? Would I have to use a vxd or what?
Posted on 2000-12-06 22:05:00 by mookmar
IRQ 6 Actually, if you want to do direct I/O with floppy disk controller under Win9x, you definitely need a VxD
Posted on 2000-12-07 03:48:00 by Iczelion
Or you can use those neat ring-0 tricks. However, you do risk compatibility problems if some new version of Windows pops up or if you walk over to the NT series. http://phantom.urbis.net.il/bphantom/Win32_CPL0.html
Posted on 2000-12-07 04:38:00 by Al Leitch