Anyone got simple Keylogger source(Pref Masm) i can study/look over? Trying to figure something out. Not happening though...Iczelions Tute Outlines what i'm trying to learn. But i need to see source on Keyboard Hooking instead of Mouse. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah, thanks for the info Doby, and thanks for the help Rage9!!! -Nok
Posted on 2000-12-07 12:17:00 by Nok
hi just check out the source of the trojan bo2k !! this should help you !! bye
Posted on 2000-12-10 12:15:00 by codefuchs
where can i get the source from? it would be interesting to take a look at the code of a trojan, self explaining that this is just for educational reasons
Posted on 2001-03-09 10:26:00 by [SaFc0n]