Hello, Does anybody know some links where to download fresh Win32 Programmer's and Developer's References? (Maybe on Microsoft, but I could not find it there.) Thanks
Posted on 2000-12-07 20:59:00 by Ol
The latest reference is the MSDN. The win32 api reference from Borland/InPrise is outdated. Several new APIs/structures are not mentioned in it. I have MSDN jan 2000 edition. It's indispensable
Posted on 2000-12-08 00:31:00 by Iczelion
Is there a place to obtain MSDN except by subscription? I usually depend on VB/VC update versions to get revised MSDN CD's.
Posted on 2000-12-08 03:21:00 by TTom
when i got vc6, i registered it and they started sending me updates. i have like 4 versions of msdn, the latest one being July 2000, and all it cost me was my immortal soul. check out the deals they have at msdn.microsoft.com/soulexchange
Posted on 2000-12-09 01:44:00 by Sloat