I'm working on a prank program that captures the screen and flips it upside down, or inverts it (or both even). I have the modified Screen-to-Bitmap proggy that i converted from Manowars source in Tasm to Masm. Now i'm stumped on showing the bitmap fullscreen, and flipping/inverting it. Then making it go away with a single mouse click. Anyone good with bitmaps that wants to help or can help me out? I'd appreciate any info i can get. Thanks. If anyone wants the Masm version of Manowars CapScreen, let me know. Thanks again, Nok.
Posted on 2000-12-08 16:45:00 by Nok
You could create a fullscreen window, with the always-on-top style set and no borders or caption, then display the bitmap by bitblt-ing it on the main window in response to the WM_PAINT message. Bltblt has a parameter called SRCINVERT which paints the bitmap inverted. StretchBlt is a similair function, but it allows to blit the bitmap stretched, and can flip it if nWidthSrc and nWidthDest (or nHeightSrc and nHeightDest) have different signs. Thomas
Posted on 2000-12-09 16:02:00 by Thomas
Thanks Thomas!!!
Posted on 2000-12-11 12:51:00 by Nok