I'm relatively new to asm programming but not a complete newbie. That said, I'm trying to get latigo's tab tutorial (avail here on icz's site) to compile correctly. It won't compile correctly (straight out of the zip without any mods by me). I get a ton of errors referencing windows.inc. I'm using the latest masm32 release with the latest windows.inc. I'm not sure how to get it working. Any help would be much appreciated, 4oh4
Posted on 2000-12-09 11:05:00 by 4oh4
Add: option casemap:none under the ".MODEL FLAT, STDCALL" line, then assemble with: ml /c /coff tabsrule.asm compile resource: brc32 -r tabsrule.rc and link with: link /subsystem:windows /libpath:X:\masm32\lib tabsrule.obj tabsrule.res This works for me. Thomas
Posted on 2000-12-09 11:27:00 by Thomas
Thanks Thomas, I overlooked that. --4oh4
Posted on 2000-12-09 21:07:00 by 4oh4
If you want, in Icz'Homepage, in Tutorials, there is a tuts about it, it calls "Using Tab controls..." available in : http://members.nbci.com/_XMCM/winasm/TabTutorial.txt Vom-bonjour:-()
Posted on 2000-12-10 09:28:00 by Vom-bonjour:-()
Thanks vom-bonjour, but that's the tut/source code I was having problems with, but it's all good now. 8n) --4oh4
Posted on 2000-12-10 11:33:00 by 4oh4
That tutorial crashes in Windows NT/2K! But why??? I have the same error when just ShowWindow is called in same OS.. Pls, help!!!
Posted on 2000-12-30 02:33:00 by isumenko
EBX is not preserved. Add PUSH EBX immediately after "ChangingTab:" Add POP EBX immediately after the second ShowWindow. (the one before "close:")
Posted on 2000-12-31 16:25:00 by tank