How can I create an application that will run in the systray? I am not new to win32 programming, but I am new to assembler, and it's a tad confusing :] Any help is appreciated (i.e. source examples, would be nice!) Vache
Posted on 2000-12-09 17:55:00 by Vache
Check out my trayicon tutorial on
Posted on 2000-12-09 21:24:00 by Iczelion
You call Vache so i think you are Franch, me too. You can download some progs on my site which use TrayIcon: I made it from Icz'Tuts(23). It is also on Icz' Homepage. Vom-bonjour:-()
Posted on 2000-12-10 09:25:00 by Vom-bonjour:-()
I've seen the tray icon demo but i don't know how to change the icon on the systray other than that of the demo or IDI_APPLICATION
Posted on 2000-12-27 03:01:00 by helios
use load icon to load the icon you want (must be in the resource file, or use one from window) (scalp)
Posted on 2000-12-27 06:49:00 by (scalp)