My program consists of a modeless dialog box created with DialogBoxParam for its main window. I want to change its cursor to an hourglass (when a certain event occurs), I go like this . . . INVOKE LoadCursor,hInstance,IDC_WAIT INVOKE SetCursor,eax . . . the LoadCursor returns 0=error code, to any of you that might suggest changing hInstance to the dialog box handle: tried that, same result. what am I doing wrong? I think I'm supposed to send some message to the dialog box.. been looking through API reference, couldn't find it.. thanks in advance
Posted on 2000-12-10 18:25:00 by Alex
your not gonna be happy when i tell you this, but it doesn't matter if its a dialog box or a window, but when you call LoadCursor, and try to load one of windows predefined cursors, you have to set the hInstance to NULL, (it actualy does say that), otherwise windows searches your exe file looking for a cursor with the same value as IDC_WAIT
Posted on 2000-12-10 19:42:00 by
Hi. Try this... invoke LoadCursor,0,IDC_WAIT invoke SetCursor,eax The Win32 Programmer's Reference doesn't mention this, but I ran across it somewhere and it worked for me. Good luck.
Posted on 2000-12-10 19:42:00 by vReal