In order to Check SoftIce I used createfilea method,I learned in some articles that the device softice used is \\.\SIce or \\.\NTICE,
but the device discibed for TRW is invalid when I try to detect it,
why?I use \\.\trw2000 \\.\trwdebug
A question raised: how can we know the device name of them?
How to check out?

I am really curious about it.

Posted on 2001-12-29 23:57:59 by Hume
I was troubled by this sometime...somebody can help?thx alot
Posted on 2002-01-01 07:06:36 by Hume
SICE and NTICE are the filenames of the VxD's. It should work if you know the filename of the VxD that TRW uses.
Posted on 2002-01-01 12:17:19 by Eagle17
I had thought it must be like this,but how to check VxD names?
use the VxD instruction under the debugger?
Let me try,but I have used \\.\trw2000,but it never works as some article said
Posted on 2002-01-02 05:48:37 by Hume