Hi there, I'd like to program a small program which deals with audio, and I'd like to be able to change the overall volume and balance of the sound card as well as show some sort of VU meter, for audio output indication like the standard windows mixer. Does anyone have any examples of anything like this? Thanks, Ben
Posted on 2000-12-11 22:02:00 by cyberben
The CDPlayer on Iczelion's web page has Master and CD Volume controls, if you can follow the code. Ewayne
Posted on 2000-12-12 02:27:00 by Ewayne
That CDPlayer on Iczelions page doesn't work on my computer right out of the Zip with the exe that's in the zip file! I figure if it doesn't work on my system, that's pretty bad, being that I've got a pretty standard system, all brandname (Creative Sound card, not a clone, so it should work!). But I'll browse the code and see what I get working. Thanks, Ben
Posted on 2000-12-12 22:28:00 by cyberben