In Windows, you can set the taskbar to autohide or stayon top. You can also resize the taskbar for multiple rows of application icons. How do I detect where the task bar is currently? I'd like to size my application to take up the maximum space available on the screen without causing a hassle. For example if I make it the height of the screen, my status bar hides underneath the task bar is it's set to "stay on top" mode. Any suggestions? Thanks, Ben
Posted on 2000-12-15 23:23:00 by cyberben
you can use the shell32 api function SHAppBarMessage to retrieve information about the windows task bar (location, size, autohide...) Look it up in the win32 proggramming reference..
Posted on 2000-12-16 01:06:00 by dork
That API only works in Win9x and maybe ME (Not sure) What about NT or 2k? - Ben
Posted on 2000-12-16 16:34:00 by cyberben