I wanted to have a 100% graphical UI for my nice little menu I designed for compilation CD's, but found out Static controls (= images here) don't receive mouse messages like WM_LBUTTONDOWN. I fixed it by putting this in the wndproc for the static control: .elseif uMsg == WM_NCHITTEST mov eax, HTCLIENT ret But I was wondering: is there no way to solve this by using window styles or something like it?
Posted on 2000-12-17 13:06:00 by Qweerdy
I simply supclass buttons, the same way your doing it with your static control but you have to intercept the WM_PAINT message and paint the picture your self using BitBlt and a few other API calls... Look in the source code page on iczelions page, there is an example of making over like 25 or 30 different "skinned" buttons, that's where I first learned! See ya, Ben
Posted on 2000-12-17 14:32:00 by cyberben
I think you might be able to redo the menu without using a static control, look up owner draw menus
Posted on 2000-12-17 21:52:00 by dork