There is a very simple way to ensure that a PE is runing only once, when we want to prevent multi-instance runs: api 'KERNEL32.OpenMutexA' 0FFFFFFFF &TRUE BaseMutexName If eax e 0 api 'KERNEL32.CreateMutexA' &NULL &TRUE BaseMutexName Else jmp Exit_PE End_If Problem: 1) 0FFFFFFFF should be: "MUTEX_ALL_ACCESS" which is NOT inside my Does any one know what is the true value? (0FFFFFFFF is of my invention). 2) The way i do it is durty: CreateMutex should be enough alone and should return 0 when Mutex already defined. But i have never been able to make this function fail. Did someone understood relative structures? and how to make it fail if Mutex already defined? betov.
Posted on 2000-12-17 14:56:00 by Betov
betov, Is this what you are looking for? James .data szAppId db "MyApp",0 .code OnlyOneInstance PROC LOCAL hMutex:DWORD INVOKE CreateMutex,NULL,1,ADDR szAppId mov hMutex,eax INVOKE GetLastError .IF eax == ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS INVOKE CloseHandle,hMutex mov eax,1 .ELSE mov eax,0 .ENDIF ret OnlyOneInstance ENDP
Posted on 2000-12-18 13:24:00 by jcfuller
Yes, exactly. Thanks JcFuller. What i didn't understood is that this function returns the handle wether it previously exist or not. I was waiting for a zero in case it already exist... Thanks a lot. betov.
Posted on 2000-12-18 14:38:00 by Betov