Hello dear ASM friends, I am currently translating a C++ Code to Win32ASM and I came across a problem I don't understand. The program uses the whole screen and you can shoot at it. Where ever you hit the screen it creates a bitmap. And exactly this is the problem. I have the Window right and it has no background (Transparent as the original) I loaded the bitmap and sounds into the source but how do I place the bitmap as an object on the screen? The code uses BitBlt and it uses (if I am right with it) two DC's. It first gets the DC of the window and when having to place the bitmap it creates a CompatibleDC to draw the bitmap on. Can someone please point me to the right way on how this could be done? Best regards Stefan
Posted on 2000-12-17 16:34:00 by Stefan Krause
If you go to IcZelion's Tutorial page you can down load the tutorial #25 I believe that is precisely about putting up .BMP's onto the window's Client area! Hope this helped out? Good LUCK!
Posted on 2000-12-17 19:58:00 by Richard Ferguson
Hello Richard, I found my mistake right before I came here to see for any answers. The mistake was really typical for me. Instead of using LoadBitmap,hInstance, I used LoadBitmap,hWin, so the bitmap has not been loaded. Too bad. Now it works. Best regards, Stefan
Posted on 2000-12-18 01:51:00 by Stefan Krause