Is there many difference between Windows 98 and Me, cause I made a prog that works good on 98 but can't open file on Me (not that i use GetOpenFileName) if anyone can help me ...
Posted on 2000-12-18 03:45:00 by (scalp)
Yes there is apearently I was using ME for about 3 weeks and started to have alot of problems with the Registry!!! It kept dumping my registered software from the registry. It was very stable and did not crash though as 98 tends to do alot, but before I will even think about using ME again they will have to redo the way ME is handleing the registry I tried everything to find out why it was dumping , but never did very frustrating, spent more time working at keeping the system up and running then I did writting CODE!!! NOT GOOD to say the least! just one perspective!!!!!! Richard Ferguson
Posted on 2001-01-02 09:20:00 by Richard Ferguson