Hello everyone ! Does someone have any ideas who I can check whether the Enter-Key was pressed in an EditBox Thx in advance. yoda
Posted on 2000-12-19 12:15:00 by yoda
when you have created your editbox, invoke SetWindow long and change the proc called by editbox, and save the returned value in a var (i'll use ptrEditProc here) then in your own editproc, catch message like in any other MainProc (WM_KEYPRESSED or something like that) and do what you want. Important thing : after you deal with msg that you want, call DefWindowProc with ptrEditProc, so window will respond to other message. So, i don't know if i was clear... fell free to mail me if you have question.
Posted on 2000-12-19 15:37:00 by (scalp)
Thx !!! I works :))) yoda
Posted on 2000-12-19 15:51:00 by yoda