i have a questions about the animation: Now i'm cycling a game loop continuosly, using PeekMessage in the MesageLoop, calling GameLoop every message loop, to update animation. Now i'm reading the input keys using WM_KEYDOWN on the WndProc but everytime i press a key i can see the animation that go slower. Should I read the input keys inside this cycle or inside the WndProc ? Thanks again and again Angelo
Posted on 2000-12-28 06:15:00 by AnGeLo
Use DirectInput and your own made key actions... or try a separated thread for game loop we had the same problem in our game...and moved to DirectInput...
Posted on 2000-12-28 20:22:00 by BogdanOntanu
BogdanOntanu, Thanks for your very, very precious help. Angelo
Posted on 2000-12-29 03:23:00 by AnGeLo