to my greatest surprise i didn't find any horizontal or vertical lines in the controls toolbar of ms visual studio.. the way i was told it would have to be a custom control.. so can any of you please tell me how i can draw a horizontal line on top of a dialog box, using the studio? thanks.
Posted on 2001-01-09 08:38:00 by your mama
You need GDI functions such as MoveToEx, LineTo, ect. They draw using the current Pen object of the window's DC. You can change that to change the color of the line. Put these in your WM_PAINT handler. Seems you come from VB where these 'seem' to be objects, but actually VB is doing exactly the above (the hint it is is that no hWnd property exists for these 'controls', thus they ain't windows)
Posted on 2001-01-09 15:44:00 by Ernie
Seems, to me, Earnie, that you know a lot more about VB than I do, I'm a die-hard ASMer... never to work with VB. The other thing that seems to me is that i haven't explained myself correctly for which I apologize. I didn't want to DRAW any lines.. I want my dialog box to have one, just like the ones you have on all sorts of windows.. Windows' registered control.. "vertical line" as long as this is its name.. lines like you have on this very MS-IE (only they're vertical here).. no colors.. they look like the bottom part of the "group" control. I believe there's a way to define those lines in a resource script.. only i don't know how.. and i don't write any resoure scripts. I do all the work visually. That's why I asked MS Studio specificly. Borland Workshop has those vertical and horizontal lines controls on the controls toolbar.. but if I add any of them to my *.RES created by MS studio, the file eventually gets fucked up. That's why I need your help to tell me how i can create them VISUALLY using MY working environment. If any MINOR aditions to my code are required, that would be exceptable too... Thanks a lot, to any of you guys, who can help me out.
Posted on 2001-01-09 17:49:00 by your mama
Posted on 2001-01-09 19:48:00 by Ernie