I wanna create program wich get's information about remote CPU
and i need to know how can i do this!
Posted on 2001-12-30 05:48:57 by NetGerty
sorry im not at my coding pc so i cant post a snippet but im shure u can quick code this :

code first a dialog and place as much editfields as much infos u like to get from the "remote" system on this dialog.
TIP : do not forget that most users are "stupid" so u have to explain in clear words what kind of info the user should write where.
next code a email send function ,best pop3 so u have to insert ur email provider and let the user send all information to ur email.
TIP:if u make in ur email account a auto response the user will be happy to see how proffesional u are.
im shure the tool will be not bigger then 8kb if u use a nice icon and best : its TOTALY undetected by any anti virus soft and believe it or not IT WILL BE ALL TIME undetected.

if u need more help simply ask ;-)
Posted on 2001-12-31 06:12:49 by Max
You don't understud me.
I need to know information about LAN Computer.
i can do this by using netBIOS functions.
But how?
Help me!!!
Posted on 2002-01-01 06:39:45 by NetGerty