How can I get EVERY IP packet on the computer and filter them? E.g. I need looking by IP address let the packet to go or stop it, saying it has no network(or something like that) Links/Docs are welcome, tuts most welcome :-)
Posted on 2001-01-10 00:00:00 by The CHEMI$T
If the traffic goes over a network card i think you can hook it somehow. If it is a modem connection i belive you have to write a .vxd that intercepts winsock itself somehow.
Posted on 2001-01-10 11:55:00 by Zynaps
you could always patch winsock.dll
Posted on 2001-01-10 14:53:00 by NervGaz
umm make that wsock32.dll..;)
Posted on 2001-01-10 14:59:00 by NervGaz