which of these would excute faster 32 memory to memory moves 9 memory settings with hardcoded values or 6 fpu multiplications (thats is 12 input values and 6 out) 12 fpu addition (again 24 input and 12 out) If you want to know what this is in reference to goto http://www.peyros.com/sinewave/particlematrix.htm and read the end, it not necessary however an answer will do P.s assume everthing is been done efficintly.
Posted on 2001-02-07 13:37:00 by Zadkiel
its quite easy to figure out for yourself, if you want to learn about optimization, first, download the protexted mode manual from intel, then read the code optomisation section, this will explain quite a bit, in an easy to learn way about how the pentium processors internal execution instruction streming work (for instance, P1s can executed two instructions simultainously, efectivy doubling the speed on some routines if one is better written. p3s can exceute instructions out of order, etc) Then go read anger fogs help file (which come with masm32 i think) this starts to explain things in more depth. ----
Posted on 2001-02-09 06:37:00 by George