Looking for someone to help with an ICQ send message program i've been working on. It's made for the obvious. I'm just curious on how to resolve an icq hostname. If your interested in helping or just want to learn about it, email me. You can also contact me on ICQ. #19036910 Thanks! Nok.
Posted on 2001-02-07 15:29:00 by Nokturnal
dunno if this helps, but it's the ICQ spec. hacked by someone. http://www.algonet.se/~henisak/icq/icqv5.html
Posted on 2001-02-07 19:12:00 by Iczelion
Hello, i hope i understand you ,because my bad english ;) but i mean you like to send a icq message..... just look into the source of tHing1.6 (tasm) or asylum (masm) booth are trojans who have icq notify. but they are using icq webpager and dont send with icq protokol. http://www.exxzero.com/ <-- the coders here have made a icq client in asm (mICQ) ,possible they can help you. cu ps: do you programm the icq api ? if yes can i ask you some beginners questions ?
Posted on 2001-02-08 04:15:00 by WH¥
Hi some seconds ago i found this icq pager src. http://www.compiled.de/FatPager.asm cu
Posted on 2001-02-13 07:38:00 by WH¥
Iczelion & WH¥, Thank you both for you help. Shortly after posting this question i figured out how to make it work. It is very similar to WH¥'s link src. The one I made is about 1½ Kb smaller though, plus it works every time. If i spoke German i would let the author know that icq uses 3 servers for paging services.,, & I don't speak German though :( Thanks for your help! Nok. This message was edited by Nokturnal, on 2/13/2001 12:26:55 PM
Posted on 2001-02-13 12:22:00 by Nokturnal
the latest protocol on that icq page (v5) is already obsolete, icq2000 uses a new protocol that works via tcp, and its likely to soon change again.. just use a dll to send icq stuff..
Posted on 2001-02-13 12:42:00 by diediedie
Hi thanks for the tip ,but can you please explain this a bit more ? do you know how to send a message by using a dll ? i use tasm since some weeks and i like to learn it. i see in a source ,a keylogger ,that the master programm got the keys from the keypsy dll. can i use the icq dlls like dlls i made ? i mean ,i know the api command ,call him and get the result i need ? sorry for the stupid question ,but i cant believe that it is so easy,so thats why im ask :) thanks for help ;)
Posted on 2001-02-13 18:01:00 by WH¥