How would I jump to the equate of a value? ------ =1: ... =2: ... >7: ... <1: ... etc. ------
Posted on 2000-12-22 02:36:00 by moxy
Don't know if it can help but Jeremy gordon have published a paper in APJ #5 about indexed case selection in Win Callback. APJ page: Jeremy page: ___________________________________ I don't understand what Equates could be usefull for this but, Basically, and depending on your Assembler syntax, it should be possible to set a table of Code Adresses. In SpAsm, i would tell: Routine1: ; Blablabla ret Routine2: ; Blablabla ret ; ... > mov eax D§MyRoutineSelector ; something holding 1 / 2 ... depending on cases > lea eax D§MyRoutinesPointers+eax*4 > call D§eax betov.
Posted on 2000-12-22 08:20:00 by Betov
.IF value=1 {do something} jmp done_here .ENDIF .IF value=2 {do something} jmp done_here .ENDIF .IF value=7 {do something} jmp done_here .ENDIF .IF value<1 ; it REALLY helps here to have ; value defined as a signed value {do something} .ENDIF done:here: (check the lst file, I forget if this expands to tight code, ELSEIF may be more appropiate)
Posted on 2000-12-22 17:31:00 by Ernie
I tend to write such code in the manner below, for two reasons: 1) all of the decision code is clumped together in one spot, 2) fewer cache misses when there are lots of cases. Don't know how it affects branch prediction. ; first compute value to compare, and put in EAX ; then do the following cmp eax,1 jl case_too_small je case_equal_1 cmp eax,2 je case_equal_2 cmp eax,7 jg case_too_big jmp case_default Each case ends with jmp end_case And after the last case, I define a label end_case: ; followed by non-case code
Posted on 2000-12-22 19:59:00 by ub1