Does anyone here knows the source codes in windows.h file? Do you really need to use that header file for drwaing windows? Is that the only way to draw a window?
Posted on 2000-12-22 02:53:00 by ComputerSmith
You mean, right? In the case of that, all it defines are constants and macros which are useful to Win32 prgmrs everywhere. No source code is present within that file or any other include files. You could get by without the in regards to drawing a window. However, you would need to know the constants by number instead of their descriptive label (the constant). And from there, you would either have to use the number or define the constant within your own source code. For example, without using, you wouldn't be able to use the label WS_VISIBLE (Window style that makes window visible when you create it) right off the bat. You would need the number for it and then define the WS_VISIBLE constant within your own source code. It's not just WS_VISIBLE you'd need to define by yourself... You would need to define a bunch of other constants yourself to make a windows proggy, especially one of substantial value. Hope I didn't confuse you.
Posted on 2000-12-22 03:11:00 by Al Leitch
you can download @ add this line before the .data and .code lines... - include c:\path\to\ - If you don't have the masm package from hutch it is a very good idea to get it under the download section of the win32asm site. It is very helpful for beginners, also their is a win32 programmers reference which is necessity when it comes to winapi's (such as creating a window).
Posted on 2000-12-22 03:43:00 by dork