Just wondering... is this MessageBoard archived somewhere, or is it going to be? I mean, there is a lot of helpful information here and I am not yet ready to understand it all but if archived once we all could use it (when time is ready) for offline browsing and I'm sure this could be of a great help. Regards, JimmyC
Posted on 2000-12-22 17:06:00 by JimmyClif
Of course, I plan to have the archive. All the posts are stored in a Microsoft Access Database right now. All I have to do is to decide when to pull the data from it, then I will put all the posts in another MS Access database, this time with yours-truly-Iczelion-made MS Access program (tm) for easy viewing/searching.
Posted on 2000-12-23 07:36:00 by Iczelion
Just a suggestion - search engine!! then you can search the board for whatever it is you're looking for - saves ppl from asking the same questions over and over; or searching for hours trying to find what you're looking for! :)
Posted on 2000-12-29 15:25:00 by Tedd
I search option is implemeted already I think. But you have to be logged in to use it
Posted on 2001-02-17 06:43:00 by CyBerian