my app. consists of a dialog box as its main window. it has a function - a lengthy operation (12 secs) which is triggered by a button control. I would like to privent from the user to be able to modify any of the edit control and selecting commands from the menu, until the operation is finnished.. (and set the mouse to the hourglass.. tried to do that myself, but as soon as i move the mouse, the pointer becomes the normal arrow..tried capturing all the mouse movements, but it gets fucked up when it moves over the edit controls..).. what do i do folks?? Cheers
Posted on 2000-12-23 21:17:00 by your mama
Try LockWindowUpdate. I am not sure if this is the right method to use, but give it a try.
Posted on 2000-12-23 23:40:00 by Oracle At Delphi
;To Set the Waiting Cursor... invoke LoadCursor,hInstance,IDC_ARROW invoke SetCursor,eax ;To Lock a window use this invoke EnableWindow,hwnd,FALSE ;To Unlock it use this invoke EnableWindow,hWindow,TRUE ;To Reset The Cursor.. invoke SetCursor,NULL
Posted on 2000-12-24 00:23:00 by dork