Thanks, guys for replying.. and "EnableWindow" really does what i want.. the mouse cursor changes to the "hourglass", but as soon as i move it,it becomes "arrow" again.. i tried capturing "WM_MOUSEMOVE", but it doesn't work.. probably becuz "EnableWindow" causes not to send that message.. For any of you who still don't know what I'm talking about: My program is a dialog box created with :DialogBoxParam.. I want to prevent the user from making any input to it..(edit controls, buttons, menu..) for a few seconds and reanable it again.. i want to change the mouse cursor to the "hourglass" as well until the operation is done.. I know there's a way, but please tell me there's a way other than subclassing the dialog box manager. Cheers..
Posted on 2000-12-24 19:00:00 by your mama
Try disabling the control windows with EnableWindow (edit window, button window, etc)
Posted on 2000-12-24 22:44:00 by dork