Hi developers! -*ahem*- I am thinking about creating a new _modular_ assembler made up of DLLs linked together _at runtime_ by a main exe so that you can make up your own assembly flavor by combining the preprocessor, the syntax module, the instruction encoder and the output drivers that YOU want. Plus there will be an API module for Win32 which could be replaced with one for Linux, making the assembler portable. (The idea is to make the "winamp of assemblers") To achieve this a) an input file format must be made up which will, to prevent modules from messing up data of others, have some restraints b) interfaces for the four modules have to be defined c) someone should write the main exe ;) d) the modules have to be "invented" and written, i.e. to write a certain syntax module you first have to have some idea of what the syntax should look like I am currently defining interfaces... The API DLL is already finished and working (but probably some more functions will become necessary later), the main exe is under early stages of construction. For the first modules I'm thinking of a NASM-like prprocessor, a terse-like (anybody GOT terse? please msg me!) syntax with some elements of MASM like local variables and so on, an instrucion encoder with all intructions up to PII and autojump feature and of course an .OBJ output driver. If you are interested (and an experienced programmer) please mail me!
Posted on 2000-12-25 09:23:00 by Kaoslord
Terse is availably for 50 bucks at www.terse.com. It's sold by the author for quite a nominal price concidering his very limited target clientel. You weren't hinting you wanted to warez a copy of it, were you?
Posted on 2000-12-25 23:54:00 by Ernie
Hi I was thinking to help you but i changed my mind as i read what you want to do....sorry I guess i want a FAST, SLIM assembler, not a FAT, SLOW DLL driven one...one...with HLL like syntax....we have enough HLL in MASM now... (you see my curent game project has 150.000 lines of code and groving...) I anybody wants to make a fast, slim Assembler call me in :) Bogdan
Posted on 2000-12-26 20:23:00 by BogdanOntanu