hi all, :-) .-) :) :^) i hope you've had i nice christmas time ! I've prepared a bakground for a game using DeviceContext and BitBlt function. Now i've to make my monsters move on this background. How can i make move these little bitmap animations on the background without overwrite the background pixels with the rectangles of my bitmaps ? Thanks to all
Posted on 2000-12-26 09:09:00 by AnGeLo0110
rect RECT <> oldrect RECT <> .CODE invoke SetRect,addr oldrect,x,xw,y,yh invoke SetRect,addr rect,x,xw,y,yh ;These are used to set the area that will be repainted InvalidateRect,hWnd,addr oldrect,FALSE InvalidateRect,hWnd,addr rect,TRUE ;This will erase the old rectangle & the new one then repaint ;both rectangles, WM_PAINT will repaint the whole window but all ;you will see being repainted is the part that was invalidated ;so you can then set the animation to do this everytime
Posted on 2000-12-26 20:31:00 by Anonymous