Anyone knows where to find asm32 floating point routines (with source code !) to convert real number from the FPU into useable ascii format ? I am trying myself to program something about it, but I need some good example of code (expecially about significant digits, truncation, precision and so on). Thanks, Saiwa
Posted on 2000-12-27 20:20:00 by Saiwa
Fptoa.asm in your M32LIB folder (i suppose you have masm32) do it (scalp)
Posted on 2000-12-28 06:00:00 by (scalp)
Thanks, I know of Fptoa and Atofp routines in my Masm32 lib, and I already studied them hard...(by the way they are the best I have in my collection). I prefer (using good examples) write the routines I need by myself cause only this way I really understand what's going on...the problem here is to find some material (tutorial, lessons, books and so on) which really explain what's behind some, let me say frightening, argument like precision, best way of rounding, number of significance digits and so on. I will continue my search... Thanks a lot, Saiwa
Posted on 2000-12-28 16:44:00 by Saiwa