Hello i tried to change the Screen Res. with ChangeDisplaySettingsEx. The Resolution is changed but the whole Screen looks totally f***ed up. Is there a call to the complete screen or anything like this ? thanks in advance This message was edited by Hiroshimator, on 3/27/2001 4:05:49 PM
Posted on 2000-12-29 11:13:00 by StaRik
You might have to explain a little more what 'f***ed up; referes to :> This is just a guess - but after changing the screen res it just looks like you've magnified the top corner of the screen ... nothing BUT the screen res has changed (?) After changing it, you have to tell all the other windows that it has been changed by sending a system message so the window can resize and movethemsleves to fit. I can't remember what the message is (am on Unix right now) - WM_SYS_COMMAND or something like that; just do a find in the API help file. Hopefully that will help. {the problem could also be with the pixel-depth (colours)}
Posted on 2001-03-27 06:48:00 by Tedd
this may not help you as you need to reboot, but the easiest way to change the screen resolution is through the registry. i have done this before but i cant remember where the key is. just search the registry for your current screen resolution and you should be able to find it though :)
Posted on 2001-03-28 12:08:00 by skud
And how is the registry easier than control panel? Or you specifically want to do it with a program? The first game I ever wrote was in VB using ChangeDisplaySettingsEx to change the resolution. Needless to say it wasn't worth it. (Buggy on MANY systems depending on drivers and quality of graphics card) If your going for a game look through DirectX stuff. If your building another utility for changing your graphics settings in windows.... do what you like. ;) - Ben
Posted on 2001-03-31 23:44:00 by cyberben