Hi, Is it possible to stretch a bitmap without using the StretchBlt function ?
Posted on 2000-12-30 15:53:00 by jop
Hi, with GDI you can only stretch with StretchBlt. Why do you need another function? (DirectX BitBlt method does also stretching) By the way - when I use stretch blits with scaling more than about 1:32 enlarging, the StretchBlt fails. Is this a bug or a feature of GDI (or my bug)? beaster.
Posted on 2001-01-02 09:18:00 by beaster
Hi I use this funtion to send snapshot of screen to my printer invoke StretchBlt,lppd.hDC,0,0,dwWidth1,dwHeight1 ,hdc,0,0,dwWidth, dwHeight,SRCCOPY this works with my printer at home but not at work,the printer support StretchBlt but it don`t work, BitBlt works but I get a tiny picture ,my thoughts was to stretch before sending to printer with BitBlt
Posted on 2001-01-02 14:18:00 by jop
Problem solved. major mistake by me....
Posted on 2001-01-03 12:59:00 by jop