Hi everyone... I was just thinkin', in VC++ it is so simple to make a window with a border that cannot be resized. The only other way that I can do it is by using a Dialog :( Blaaaahhh!!! Awful! What I really need is to be able to create an unresizable window. eg. 'one that cannot be maximised'... Thanx heaps. If anyone could help I would be real greatful. Thanks again and seeya later...............
Posted on 2000-12-31 20:30:00 by Matt
Just pass appropriate window styles to CreateWindowEx. I can only assume that you use WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW style in your CreateWindowEx call. This flag gives you the default window, eg. one with minimize-maximize-restore-close buttons,resizable borders etc. You should use the combination of WS_CAPTION, WS_DLGFRAME, WS_MINIMIZEBOX, WS_VISIBLE.
Posted on 2001-01-01 04:30:00 by Iczelion
yes, Iczelion, is right, the way a window ends up looking like very much depends what styles you define in the dwExStyle and dwStyle members of CreateWindowEx. I reckon these styles arn't explained very clearly, and really it is up to trial and error to find the one which best suits your purposes. this is the ones i usaly use in dwStyle and how htey make the window appear: WS_POPUP - this here 'is' the very basic window style. Basicly it creates a rectangle on you screen for whatever size you specify. WS_OVERLAPPED - A little more advanced version of WS_POPUP, it is also a basic window style (if no style is specified this styleis the default). It has a title bar and a border (it is different from WS_CAPTION OR WS_BORDER style through) WS_THICKFRAME - This style is part of the WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW style, this means that you window can be resized by the user by clicking and draging on the border WS_CHILD - Means the window is to become part of another window as an control WS_SYSMENU - Gives the window the little icon which is displayed in the taskbar and the top-left corner which the user bring up a default (but can be modified) menu.
Posted on 2001-01-01 16:41:00 by 870621345
Thanks Heaps for that, I tell you what.. This message board is excellent.
Posted on 2001-01-02 02:43:00 by Matt