Hallo, I read the post on searching in strings and text files and it really interests me. But I am no good in programming, I did some of Iczs Tuts and know how I build a normal window with message looop but nothing special. Ernie mentioned something about the informations are held in the file. Does anyone have some more informations on this for me or does someone have a code for showing it? Helps much appreciated by me. AbsAnf P.S. Sorry for mistakes that come in the text, I am German.
Posted on 2001-01-01 09:55:00 by Absoluter Anfänger
If you are readingany file into memory, about the most simple way to do it is to: Open it using CreateFile, Get the file size using GetFileSize, Allocate that much memory using HeapAlloc or GlobalAlloc etc Read the file into memory using ReadFile (If you know what file mapping is then you could use that. I dont ever use file mapping because on my slooow pentium 100 with 16megs ram there is never enough memory to map a file above about 64k cause the mapping function seems to require all the memory gets locked at once or something.) Now you have you file in memory you can scan it
Posted on 2001-01-01 16:02:00 by 870621345
870621345, Your P100 would seem to fly if you gave it 64 Meg of ram... even better with 128. 16 just isn't a serious ammount. Too much disk thrashing. PS I run a P233 with 114Meg, runs fast enough for me
Posted on 2001-01-02 01:26:00 by Ernie