ML version 6.15.8803 is this the latest? For Link I have version 5.12.8181 is this the latest? Thanks
Posted on 2001-01-02 20:48:00 by Frank Hale
Frank, Use the version of LINK.EXE from the win98 DDK that is in MASM32, it has the correct alignment for small high performance files like MASM produces, do NOT use the LINK.EXE from VC++6, it will blow out the size of your EXE file because it has 16k alignment where the DDK link has 4k. ML.EXE 6.14 will do what you need, 6.15 from memory has 128 bit support but that is not a lot of use to you in most instances, 6.15 will do the job OK but it does not work any better in 32 bit code. Regards,
Posted on 2001-01-03 07:30:00 by hutch--
LINK version 5.12.8181 is the one that comes with Win98 DDK so I am good right? Thanks for the advice!
Posted on 2001-01-03 07:59:00 by Frank Hale