Just wondering if anyone has worked on any icq stuff in Masm. I was looking at the source on tHE tHING, for icq notification. I'm making a masking program and am looking for more resources. If anyone wants to work on this with me, let me know...after all, two minds are greater than one. Bye for now, -Nokturnal
Posted on 2001-01-03 12:44:00 by Nok
It's easy to do, just send a string to icq.com as a form post with the values it requires.. you need winsockets to connect use senddata with the data in a buffer, use crlf between lines... visit the icq site for the form location and data it need...
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So say i want to write a lame prog to send bogus messages to a user on icq? Would this work also? You sound like you know what i'm talking about, would you happen to know how i could add proxy usage to this prog? That way the messages would be "untraceable". Contanct me please 19036910 <---My UIN Thanks whoever you are... -Nokturnal
Posted on 2001-01-03 16:36:00 by Nok
There's a description of Version 5 of the ICQ protocol at: http://www.algonet.se/~henisak/icq/icqv5.html and you could also download the ICQ API from the icq website: http://www.icq.com/api/ but that is for poping up the Send Message Window, getting user info and stuff like that. Hope that helps.
Posted on 2001-01-03 18:42:00 by Varunun
Posted on 2001-01-04 11:21:00 by Nok