Would creating a thread for editing memory dc's and bitblting only speed up the program or slow it down?
Posted on 2001-01-05 00:15:00 by Sooze
Multiple Threads will allmost never speed up a program.. Thread switch and sincronizations will certainely slow it down at least a little.. However they are handy (and tricky) sometimes...with a little work you can use threads to make a program "look" faster (usually boosting a thread and slowing down another) Threads are also used to separate complicated actions from the main body of a program (like separating long lasting operations from the user interface response). This can also be done "by hand" but is harder without threads. There is an excepion to this low speed of threads: if you have a multi processor machine, then multithreading can improove speed for real... Bogdan
Posted on 2001-01-05 00:26:00 by BogdanOntanu
remember, that all GDI operations work only "single-tasked", if you use the same DC in different tasks, you have to syncronize the tasks with EnterCriticalSection. beaster.
Posted on 2001-01-12 10:00:00 by beaster