First, sorry about the length of post, second this is a code fragment adapted from Stephan Krause 'scan.exe' ( It should enumerate all directories on hard drive skipping files. It works well and finds most except it doesn't find \windows\cookies; \Recycled and I don't know what others. Here it is. FindFile proc File:DWORD,Path:DWORD LOCAL wfd:WIN32_FIND_DATA LOCAL Buffer LOCAL hFile:DWORD invoke wsprintf,addr Buffer,offset szS,Path,File invoke FindFirstFile,addr Buffer,addr wfd cmp eax,INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE jz @f mov hFile, eax jmp @dir @next: invoke FindNextFile,hFile,addr wfd or eax,00h jnz @dir invoke FindClose,hFile xor eax,eax ret @dir: mov eax,wfd.dwFileAttributes cmp eax,FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY jnz @next movzx eax,byte ptr cmp al,2eh jz @next invoke wsprintf,addr Buffer,offset szS2,\ Path,addr wfd.cFileName invoke DirPath,addr Buffer invoke FindFile,File,addr Buffer lea edi,Buffer or ecx,-1 xor eax,eax repne scasb mov al,5ch sub edi,3 std repne scasb cld ; mov dword ptr,002A2E2Ah jmp @next @@: ret FindFile endp If anybody knows why it doesn't find all directories please let me know. czDrillard
Posted on 2001-01-05 10:09:00 by czDrillard
Hello, this is just a guess (I don't really know what's wrong with it) but maybe the program doesn't find Folder that have other Attributes than being just a folder. Maybe they are HIDDEN or they are SYSTEM FILES (don't know how this is called, in Germany this is the Option System). As I said, just a guess, but maybe this helps. As far as I know, my Recycled folder for example is hidden and system. Stefan
Posted on 2001-01-05 11:33:00 by Stefan Krause