I was following the threads for Hutch's update to masm32 and it ran into which editor you use.. I thought this might be worth a seperate thread in itself. I like the editor MED (link below), it has the top qualifications that I have a personal taste for. It's Small! Loads Large Files Fast! It Has Syntax Highlighting (which actually works), and the best feature of all is that it has a custumisable procedure browser. My current projects main file is approaching 1meg in size, and the ability to jump to any procedure from a drop down list is fantastic. I found this editor while searching for something else, but I'm sure glad I found it. If you want to try it, here's the link... http://www.utopia-planitia.de/indexus.html By the way, this is not my program that I'm pushing, just the one I found that best suited my personal needs. Good Luck All! Willie
Posted on 2001-01-05 18:23:00 by Willie
hi, i downloaded med and i think its a very good editor... this listbox-section feature is great! but i think i'll use textpad in future anyhow. in med i miss a couple of things i have in textpad (and what about this mini syn-highlighting index, you can not paste all api definitions into the definition file like i can in textpad. i did this and med couldn't process the half of the data because of mem problems or whatever...). rgds.
Posted on 2001-01-06 09:18:00 by drcmda
What file do I need to download to get textpad to recognize and highlight ASM code?
Posted on 2001-01-06 12:51:00 by Frank Hale
there is a asm syntax file available on their server but only x86 (like med's) but there are no api informations included so i maked my own syntax definition file only for win32asm (i just copied all api names from the c++ syntax file into the standart asm definition file ). in textpad you have to create a new document class (*.asm) and give every syntax group (regs,ops,apis,strings,numbers,...) a different color. thats it, now you can fill your own toolbar with everything you need like compile/compile w. resource/compile&run/run/resource edit/... every of these toolbar-entries are configurable (auto-save/get output/alarm when finished/...).
Posted on 2001-01-06 13:30:00 by drcmda