hello, i was wondering if anyone recommends any 32-bit asm books to learn from? (masm). thanks for any help.
Posted on 2001-01-07 00:31:00 by hol
No, it's not that we all ignored your post, it's that there just ain't no good books on 32-bit assembly. Art of Assembly at http://webster.cs.ucr.edu/Page_asm/ArtOfAsm.html is a decent book, used in college level cources. I just don't know how good it is for a beginner aiming at 32 bit. Whats so weird is 32 bit programming is actually quite simple from a programmer's standpoint. No segments, a pointer points to all of memory (no some 64K segment). BUT... getting thru an explanation of the bad old days of dos when you needed such can drive one crazy. But that's old, obsolete news for win32 (OK you DOS guys, I know you still use it.) I'd actually recomend Pietrick's Windows book (written in C) to explain what windows needs, then thru Atr of A to get a basic feel for the registers, then look thru Iczelions tuts one by one, looking up any instuctions you don't understand. Don't forget #win32asm on IRC efnet. Some people there will be quite helpful to explain things
Posted on 2001-01-08 01:27:00 by Ernie
Hi, Im new to this too, but i got a stong 16bit background, and know of A of A, a more condenced source that will get you on the ball with 16 ideals and register uses etc. are some university lecture notes for an into to asm course i was forced to take... i found it a boaring course to relearn everything again, but the notes i thought were writen well for begingers... check them out if your intereseted.. http://www.sce.carleton.ca/courses/94306 another good electronic source that has a quick asm reference within it (and tones of hardware pc stuff) is a little program called: helppc21 is a tiny program with a tsr feature to quickly save time to reference your questions... like flags settings in certian commands, ascii tables etc... the coolest thing is you can write and add to its library with a text editor (i will probably be developing my own libraries as i journalize my win32 learings mentions on my earlier post)... The program is achient, but i do know its still on the web somewhere.. punch its name in on a good search engine and look for it (~ 100kb file ziped) NaN
Posted on 2001-01-08 02:02:00 by NaN
I appologize for my spelling/grammer on that one... heheh please bear with me... :P NaN
Posted on 2001-01-08 02:05:00 by NaN