i have mdi client and mdichildwindows working, but if i want normal window(not mdi) on a mdi client surface there are problems, if normal window is child of main window then i cant resize it or stuff..i can just show it and other mdi window erase it if they are put on it, if u use normal window as a child window of mdiclient window, then i can resize it and move, but window is not focused(window bar is not colored) and repainting is not good...also when using mdi i must return in main hwnd DefFrameProc...what about other normal window?
Posted on 2001-01-08 12:48:00 by Geckoid
Activation (highlighting the title bar) happens when a window gets WM_NCACTIVATE, but child windows normally don't get this message. Obviously, the MDI child (or is it the MDI frame?) does some extra work to make it happen. Look up that message and a couple of others, WM_ACTIVATE and WM_MOUSEACTIVATE. You can resize a child window. The style WS_CHILDWINDOW does not include the sizing options that are included in WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW (look up the definition in the include file).
Posted on 2001-01-08 23:54:00 by tank