I see that every time I try to connect to the mb, it takes forever!! It even takes forever to load the page that allows you to select the masm, tasm, nasm sections. I don't see any reason why this page should take forever to load, unless the server is veeeery slow. I tried both dialup and T1 lines, and it takes forever to load. In fact, it is the slowest website among the websites I visit regularly.
Posted on 2001-01-12 11:12:00 by Hel
Yes It is slow. I could go get a cup of coffee, take a crap, make something to eat and it would still be loading in the message board. It takes an average of 10 - 15 secs roughly to read a message or post a message. Most of the time it is even slower than that. I posted a similar question earlier but nobody answered it. Maybe everyone but us can connect at a faster speed to this server?
Posted on 2001-01-12 13:40:00 by Frank Hale
For me sometimes it is OK, but, I agree, most times it is slow. The more bigger problem is that sometimes it is near unavaible (>60 seconds). We can come back later, no question/answer is so important ...;)
Posted on 2001-01-12 14:05:00 by Test Department
>We can come back later, >no question/answer is so important ... Well I don't think that is the point. This is a fairly popular message board. There are alot of free web hosting out there offering perl, cgi-bin and plenty of space. If most people think it is slow maybe it should be moved. Alot of the time this site is unavailable and you have to hit refresh a few times before the site downloads. Sometimes it is just a pain in the arse! But enough ranting....
Posted on 2001-01-12 14:15:00 by Frank Hale
Lets see 2 people post about the slowness of this site and everyone else doesn't. That means that the rest of people visiting this site either experience a faster service or they are in a serious stage of denial. Which one is it? Can we please get some feedback? At least that way I'd know if it was on my end.
Posted on 2001-01-12 18:43:00 by Frank Hale
Well, it's slow from my end too. But everything is always slow for me because my connection is very very bad. I have to choose this server because:
  • It supports ASP which is the script this MB is made of
  • It's free
  • It doesn't force banners
I would happily move this message board to faster servers IF the above requirement is fulfilled. I have my own servers but they are even slower than Brinkster because of my connection.
Posted on 2001-01-12 18:59:00 by Iczelion
Icz, I'll keep my eyes peeled. I am also looking for free service without banners and support for scripting. If I find something I will let you know. I for one cannot stand banners or popups of any kind and if a free service has them I just continue on my search and silently ignore them. Bannerless free services are very hard to find.
Posted on 2001-01-12 19:55:00 by Frank Hale
I'm on a DSL in the states and it's painfully sluggish, but no complaints because my delays are usually less than 10 seconds. It's tolerable for a free service that doesn't display hideous banners that only get in the way. Shawn
Posted on 2001-01-12 19:58:00 by _Shawn
Icz, You should check out www.sourceforge.net. They have probably the best free service around. The only catch is its for open source projects, you can release your material in a variety of open source licenses. Since you write tutorials and provide other ASM resources to your audience you would almost be guarenteed to be able to get a site there. They offer some of the best services around. Check out there site. They run Linux servers so I am not sure they support ASP but there are many good free PHP based message board systems out there. And they support PHP. http://www.phorum.org/ <- Free Open Sourced PHP message board system. Very good!!!! http://www.sourceforge.net/ <- Best open source web host there is for developers. No popup banners. Your only required to put a very small image on one of your pages which links back to sourceforge.net. I have 2 projects hosted there for a year now. I recommend them highly!
Posted on 2001-01-12 20:05:00 by Frank Hale
Frank: Linux doesn't support ASP by default: you have to install Chili!ASP or its workalike. And I don't know PHP.
Posted on 2001-01-12 20:28:00 by Iczelion
Well you don't necessarily need to know PHP thats why I suggested a Phorum www.phorum.org, its already to go all you would need to do is install it. Assuming you did go and register for a site at sourceforge.net. I don't think you will find better features anywhere else on the web for free. And since this site and your ASM site deal with developing software you would be able to get a site there. You would just have to adopt one of the open source licenses. Sourceforge's features list: http://sourceforge.net/docman/display_doc.php?docid=753&group_id=1 They will host your www.win32asm.com domain for free. Quoted from there site: "SourceForge is a free service to Open Source developers offering easy access to the best in CVS, mailing lists, bug tracking, message boards/forums, task management, site hosting, permanent file archival, full backups, and total web-based administration."
Posted on 2001-01-12 20:35:00 by Frank Hale