Does anyone know where I can get source for a smooth shading (linear gradient) function like the Win 98+ GradientFill function? Thanks!! Xtreme
Posted on 2001-01-13 01:23:00 by xtreme
Maybe if you disassemble msimg32.dll? ;-)
Posted on 2001-01-13 02:18:00 by Ernie
you can easily translate vb code, I've seen like 10 or so gradient example @ planet source code...
Posted on 2001-01-13 09:09:00 by moxy
I think I'll go with one of the examples at P.S.C. But if I we're to disassemble msimg32.dll would ripping the source be straight forward? Or would I have to practically write my code from scratch any way? Xtreme
Posted on 2001-01-13 16:31:00 by xtreme