I just posted a new tutorial on my site. It describes how to add Active scripting to your asm application. This simply means you can re-use the very same VBScript or Javascript languages as in Internet Explorer as a macro language for your own programs. My page: here.is/COMinASM scripting: http://msdn.microsoft.com/scripting/ Please note: 1) Microsoft does not charge for using these functions in your app. 2) This is NOT a beginner's introduction to COM in ASM. (Thats what the other 7 COM tutorials are for) LATE NEWS: I uploaded a new version that should be compatable with YOUR MASM32 (and not just mine)
Posted on 2001-01-16 01:06:00 by Ernie
Well done, Ernie. We are making good progress into mastering Windows with asm. Keep up the good work
Posted on 2001-01-16 04:17:00 by Iczelion
It's rather difficult to find good information in Win32 programming, these days. When people learn that I program in Assembly, I mean, real Windows programs that could otherwise be done in VB or C or whatever, they laugh at me as if it's some sort of evil or whatever. I think that people don't understand Win32 programming is easy and do-able. I also believe because good information doesn't exist, people don't bother (hence adds to the perception that Win32 programming is a lost, black art). People then argue me that if you call a win32 api or COM Interface in ASM, the performance is no different than in ATL, VB, or C++ directly. For VB, this is untrue, VB wraps all the COM internals and is not optimal when accessing it's interfaces. For ATL, it's good, but still does some wrapping. Directly programming it in C++, perhaps it's still not true because you have the C++ memory management stuff going on behind the scenes. In ASM, _YOU_ are in control of every byte and performance can be most optimal of you play your cards right. It's because of tutorials and examples like these and what's available on Iczelion's site that people become enlightened (I know I was). More info of this type, and perhaps, by a stroke of luck, Assembly migh have its comeback. Keep it up, guys... Shawn
Posted on 2001-01-16 18:21:00 by _Shawn
Hi Ernie, Iczelion and Shawn Bullock, -Ernie : Could tell me what is the address of your site, thanks. -Shawn Bullock : I also know what it is when friends laugh at me but now I speak on that forum, IT is THE only place where we can tell about ASM. I first made progs in VB(5&6) for a long time, but since I've discovered ASM, I let VB and I spend all my free time making prog (and watching TV, ...). With ASM you can control all what you want. I know I souldn't tell about my life but people sould prog in ASM instead of VB (or C/c++). For C++, it could be great to make prog (my brother knows C++ not ASM and the contrary for me), but I still believe that ASM is a good langage for prog. Vom-bonjour:-() PS:Thanks Iczelion for your tutorials & help. For me (and a lot of ppl), I can say you are a Very Important Person).
Posted on 2001-01-16 18:44:00 by Vom-bonjour:-()