I used 'timeGetTime' to adjust game speed.
(Is timeGetTime delicater than GetTickCount??? Is it right? :confused: )

Yes, It has no problem in Windows 95/98.

But, In Windows NT(2000),

timeGetTime was not delicate to adjust game speed.
In MS help,
'The default precision of the timeGetTime function can be five milliseconds or more, depending on the machine. You can use the timeBeginPeriod and timeEndPeriod functions to increase the precision of timeGetTime.'

Yes, I solved the problem with 'timeBeginPeriod & timeEndPeriod'.

But, There are many game programs and emulators they use only 'timeGetTime' and don't use 'timeBeginPeriod & timeEndPeriod'
And, They work well in WinNT (fast speed)!
(I viewed the import tables of executables.)

How can they solve the problem without 'timeBeginPeriod & timeEndPeriod'??? :confused:

I'm sorry for my message is long. :(

And, Happy new year!!! :)
Posted on 2001-12-30 21:37:10 by nyam
Use RDTSC for fine resolution
or even QuerryPerformanceCounter/Frequency after all its about 1Mhz fine
Posted on 2002-01-01 18:18:55 by BogdanOntanu