When I create a Listview or Date/Time Picker control, I get a different font (I am not specifying a font) then the one I get in an Edit Box, Command Buttons, Radio Buttons etc. What is up with that? How can I get them to use the same font? Incidentally, I noticed that the font on the LV and DTP controls is the same font as the menu’s use. On another issue, I have been putting my controls on the main application window instead of a dialog. The only problem I have encountered (other than all the tutorials use dialogs and I have to convert) is that I can’t use resource files. Does anyone have any compelling reasons to put controls on dialog boxes? I like the way I am doing it, but would like to know why others seem to prefer using dialogs. My view is that dialog boxes are useful when you need to bring up a “temporary” window, let the user select/change things and then remove the dialog. If my controls are to be permanent fixtures then I put them on the main app window. I would also like to thank Farrier very much for your help on the Date/Time Picker control. Thanks everyone for the many useful tips and comments presented in this forum, Onyx
Posted on 2001-01-17 13:14:00 by Onyx
There are no reasons controls *must* be in dialogs. You are free to put controls where you think they belong. To use a resource file to create a main window, you can create the main window as a dialog box. You eliminate window registration and the message loop, and call DialogBox.
Posted on 2001-01-17 15:30:00 by tank
you can change the default font of a control (if the control surports it) with a WM_SETFONT message. I think microsoft realized it defaul font for most controls was goddam ugly, so in newer controls, its been updated. To recive a handle for the font used to draw menus etc invoke GetStockObject ,ANSI_FIXED_FONT returns a handle (i think that ANSI_FIXED_FONT is right, if not have a play)
Posted on 2001-01-19 04:51:00 by X