Hello, my problem is i found a sample source code with an unpacked 8kb exe file as sample. after compiling i get a 16kb file. can you tell me how i can compile it smaller ? because inside the source packed there is no .bat file to compile it ,so i dont know how the author compile it to 8kb. the exe in the sample project is not packed. thanks ;) cu
Posted on 2001-01-18 11:14:00 by WH¥
depends really................ -compiler, different compilers have different defaults -could be packed, the exe could of been packed by an exe compressor -different file alignment, the file alignment isa varible in a PE executable, it defines the padding between such things as the data and code section, to improve loading performance for a sacerfice in size (for instance this is set to a linkers default) and the only other thing i can think of is -if the uninitlized data has been added to the initlized data section somehow
Posted on 2001-01-19 04:47:00 by X
Hi thanks a lot for trying to help me. but i get fooled ;) the one who send me the files ,told me : its NOT packed ,so i dont look at it. when i take a look at the exe ,i see he use PEcompact. all for nothing ;) but anyway thanks a lot for trying to help me. next time i check it better ,before i post here ;) cu
Posted on 2001-01-19 13:40:00 by WH¥