Has someone got any examples of API hooking? i have read a tutorial on it but i would like a example if someone has one.
What im looking to do is run a process and write to its memory at a certain point.

Any help would be apreciated thank
Posted on 2001-12-30 23:09:09 by ThrawN
interresting source code.
in fact the smallest code snippet i ever see...if i forget the other 3 postings here from people who cant read toppics.

are im having today a bad day or are im angry because "code snippets" like this make this "post here code snippet" and "dont ask for code snippets" threat chaotic ?

ps: go here.................. http://atena.eu.org/~fixer/zrodla.html
Posted on 2001-12-31 05:59:23 by Max
Ok sorry about that :\
Thanks lots for the URL though
Posted on 2001-12-31 06:08:34 by ThrawN